Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

SCRID is an affiliate chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). It is the mission of the Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf to promote best practices, equity, and representation within the profession of Sign Language Interpreting; provide professional development and education for current and future practitioners; serve as a forum for ongoing assessment of and response to community needs; and, advocate to the public for the highest standards in the provision of interpreting services for users of both sign languages and spoken languages.

Hosting a Workshop with CEUs

Pre-Workshop Requirements

STEP 1: Requesting CEU Approval

It is highly suggested that you email the CMP Committee well in advance in order to ensure all forms and documents are received before the deadline. 

The following is required no later than 45 DAYS BEFORE the the date of your workshop takes place.

Send to: SCRID CMP Chair.  Late paperwork will not be processed.

  1. Continuing Education Activity Plan –  Sponsor Form which is filled out by the hosting entity.
  2. Continuing Education Activity Plan – Instructor Form which is filled out by the presenter.

Educational Objectives: Must be measurable. VIEWS has published an article describing how to write Educational Objectives.  Click here for Bloom's Taxonomy List of Measurable Verbs to help choose acceptable terms.

Evaluation & Assessment: Describe how you will assess the participants that you succeeded in teaching your Educational Objectives, use measurable verbs.  RID has an evaluation form in which you are welcome to use.  If you have your own, that is acceptable too.  Just send in a blank copy for our records.

Instructor Resume/Bio/Vitae: is sent as an attachment with the documentation.

Agenda & Handouts for the workshop (Agendas are needed to calculate CEUs) Sample Agenda

Requirement: The following information is needed to calculate CEUs – will there be any breaks, and if so how many and how long.  In addition, if there is a lunch and/or dinner, how long is the lunch and/or dinner.  CEUs are earned when the participant is in contact with the presenter.  Breaks/lunch/dinner are considered non-contact time with the presenter and are deducted from the total workshop time.

Submit only PC compatible documents.


STEP 2: Promotional Materials 

Promotional Materials for the workshop must be submitted and approved. Promotional materials MUST include the following:

  • Event info: title, address, contact person’s name/telephone number/email address/website URL
  • Start date(s)/end date(s)
  • Start time(s) and end time(s)
  • RID CMP & ACET logos (depending on which credits you will offer)
  • SCRID Logo
  • Information on educational objectives of activity
  • Refund and cancellation policy.  It is acceptable to print contact info to learn of these policies rather than the entire policy.
  • Target audience as described in the Sponsor Form
  • Solicitation request for reasonable accommodations
  • No partial CEUs will be awarded
  • The following paragraph: “SCRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities.  This [Professional Studies OR General Studies] (CMP Sponsor will say which one it is) program is offered for (insert # of CEUs) CEUs.  Participants need (pick one: Little/none, Some, Extensive, Teaching) prior knowledge of this topic.”    SCRID CMP Sponsor will determine the number of CEUs to be awarded.

Submit only PC compatible documents.


STEP 3: Payment for workshop Sponsorship

$50.00 for SCRID member or RID Region V Affiliate Chapter Member (upon verification); $75.00 for non-SCRID member**

(Region V Affiliate Chapter members should contact the CMP for processing payment.)

Payment must be in place before processing the paperwork can begin. 

Click below to purchase payment of CEU processing for your professional development event. You will be provided a link to facilitate submission of necessary information and documents.

**This payment is non-refundable**


STEP 4:  Certificate of Attendance

A Certificate of Attendance template will be provided to you by SCRID. However, you may create your own, but it must include the following: (Sample Certificate)

1) RID CMP and/or ACET logos, and SCRID Logo  (provided by sponsor)
2) Activity Number (provided by sponsor)
3) Full title of event
4) Date of activity
5) Beginning and Ending Time
6) Number of CEUs awarded (determined by sponsor)
7) Presenter Name(s) and a place for a signature
8) “RID Approved Sponsor: Southern California Registry of the Deaf (SCRID)”

A copy of your created Certificate must be sent in for approval.

Due to the processing time to review the documents, please send them all in one email. Thank you.


Post-Workshop Requirements

STEP 5:  Post Workshop

The following is required no later than 30 DAYS AFTER the workshop is completed.

a) Participants should fill this out at the END of the workshop to verify attendance. NO partial CEUs will be awarded.
b) CEUs will only be given to participants whose correct membership number appears on the form. [November 2005 RID VIEWS, page 28]
c) If there are multiple presenters and each presenter wants CEUs for presenting the workshop, then each presenter must sign an Activity Report form.
d) Scan or take a photo of the completed Activity Report Form and email to


STEP 6: Submit Program Evaluation Summary

  •  Program Evaluation Summary including all comments from the RID Evaluation Forms must be emailed to the SCRID CMP Chair at  Do not send in the original filled out Evaluation form.
  • You may use RID Evaluation form, or create your own.  If you created your own, then a blank copy of your evaluation form used at the conclusion of the workshop must also be mailed or emailed to the SCRID CMP Chair at

Note: RID forms and procedures are subject to change without notice.  Along with this, SCRID’s procedures will change to reflect RID requirements.  Please contact the SCRID CMP Approving Sponsor to verify how these changes will affect you and your organization and to obtain the new forms and/or new procedures.


Note:  SCRID is audited by RID to determine if RID’s procedures/guidelines are adhered to for approving workshops/events.  Failure to pass the audit would result in SCRID losing sponsorship.  We ask you keep this in mind as we work together to gather information for sponsorship.

IMPORTANT:  Keep copies of everything you submit to SCRID.



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