Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

SCRID is an affiliate chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). It is the mission of Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf to provide local forums and an organizational structure for the continued growth and development of the professions of interpretation and transliteration of American Sign Language and English.


Along with the SCRID Board of Directors, the Bylaws Committee is proposing several changes to the current Bylaws of the organization. See below for related motions and copies of the proposed and current SCRID Bylaws, submitted via email, with voting instructions, to all eligible voting members 05 October 2020. Each motion will require a 2/3 majority of all eligible voting members to pass. We request your assistance in ensuring sufficient response to make a determination on each item. Please cast your vote!

Have Questions?  Unsure about what to do?

Join the Bylaws Committee for the:

'   Bylaws Revision Town Hall Discussion   

Date(s) to know:


Email Kathy Goodson, Bylaws Committee Chair & Vice President (email below)

Electronic Votes due: 12/04/2020

Results announced by: 01/18/2021

Voting Eligibility:

1. SCRID Member in good standing (dues paid to date*)

2. RID Member in good standing (dues paid to date*); and

3. Belong to a voting category: Certified, Associate, Honorary, Organizational

*Take note: FY1920 membership dues were extended to apply through 10/31/20. Renewal for FY2021 membership must then be made to continue your good standing with SCRID. 

If you are an eligible voting member and did not receive instructions to vote, or have additional questions, please contact Kathy Goodson,


Proposed SCRID Bylaws, Revised 2020

PDF: Proposed Bylaws Revision 2020

Google Doc: Proposed Bylaws Revisions 2020

Current SCRID Bylaws, Revised 2015

PDF: SCRID Bylaws Rev2015.pdf

Google Doc: SCRiD Bylaws, Revised 2015

Comparison: Current and Proposed Bylaws

Google Doc: Comparison Bylaws Doc




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