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    • 12/27/2013
    • 12/31/2021
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    • 12/27/2013
    • 12/31/2021
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    • 12/27/2013
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    • 12/27/2013
    • 12/31/2021
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    • 04/01/2017
    • 01/01/2020
    • 2648 E. Workman Ave, West Covina CA 91971

    SCRID's 50th Anniversary Commemorative Lapel Pin

    Be the proud owner of this limited edition commemorative pin  celebrating 50 years as a pioneer of RID affiliate chapters in the United States. 

    The pin is 0.75" x 1.22 mm thick, antique gold finish.

    Cost includes pin, shipping and handling.

    $13.75 total

    Note:  You MUST include your mailing address! 

Past events

07/11/2018 2018 Region V Conference Exhibit Registration
06/23/2018 SCRID Annual Board of Director's Meeting
05/11/2018 SCRID Online Board Meeting
04/28/2018 Members Leading Leaders: The Best of the 2017 LEAD Together Conference
04/28/2018 2017-2018 SCRID Annual Membership Meeting
03/09/2018 SCRID Online Board Meeting
02/09/2018 SCRID Online meeting
01/27/2018 Foundations of ProTactile Training
01/27/2018 ProTactile Training Exhibit Booth
11/18/2017 F2F Meeting and Twin Terrors: Fingerspelling & Classifiers
10/21/2017 SCRID 50th Anniversary Jubilee
10/13/2017 SCRID Online Board Meeting
09/23/2017 Telling the Story: Interpreting for Theatre
06/03/2017 LAUSD Professional Development
05/13/2017 Theatrical Interpreting Workshop (following Annual Meeting)
03/18/2017 Prehab...Don't Rehab!
02/18/2017 Interpreting in K-12 Settings Series: Physical Science Concepts
01/21/2017 Power & Privilege: A Personal "Pressing" Issue Workshop
12/03/2016 I KNOW...It's all TAXing
10/29/2016 Interpreting in K-12 Settings Series: Advanced Math Concepts
09/10/2016 Falling Into the DeafBlind World
08/12/2016 Stepping Into Criminal Court: The Path to Clarity
05/14/2016 Light It, Drink It, Take It: Alcohol & Other Drug Signs workshop
03/12/2016 Interpreting in K-12 Settings Series: Biology Concepts
02/27/2016 Follow the Yellow Brick Toad: Forensic Listening
12/05/2015 "You have the right to..."
10/17/2015 Ethical Decision Making for ASL Interpreters
10/10/2015 Interpreting in K-12 Settings Series: Math Concepts
05/16/2015 Interpreting in K-12 Educational Settings: Not “Old School”
12/07/2013 2013 Holiday Party and Workshop

Mission Statement
SCRID is an affiliate chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).  It is the mission of Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf to provide local forums and an organizational structure for the continued growth and development of the professions of interpretation and transliteration of American Sign Language and English.

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2648 E. Workman Ave. #3001-290
West Covina, CA 91791
(323) 379-4541 (Google Voicemail)

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