Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

SCRID is an affiliate chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). It is the mission of the Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf to promote best practices, equity, and representation within the profession of Sign Language Interpreting; provide professional development and education for current and future practitioners; serve as a forum for ongoing assessment of and response to community needs; and, advocate to the public for the highest standards in the provision of interpreting services for users of both sign languages and spoken languages.

Events Calendar

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Upcoming events

    • 02/09/2023
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Online, Zoom

    Come join SCRID at our board meeting to find out what's been going on with your local organization.  Make contact with SCRID leadership and weigh in on issues that affect your community.

    Board meetings present an opportunity for members to raise discussion points on anything relevant to SCRID and our interpreting profession.  Time is scheduled directly to allow this opportunity.  What questions do you have related to interpreting that would be beneficial to discuss as a community?  What would you like to see from SCRID that would raise its relevance to you and our local profession?  This is an opportunity for members to get involved and create the relevant organization we all desire!

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 868 2415 6696

    Access Meeting Documents Here

    • 02/11/2023
    • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Zoom

    Mentoring: Adventure Awaits!

    Presented by Christine Mitchell

    Saturday 11 February 2023

    10:00am - 1:00pm


    0.3 PS CEUs Available

    *No partial CEUs will be provided*

    Event Description:

    Mentors and potential mentors will collectively explore how we can expand our contribution to the local community using mentoring as a vehicle.  Through shared experiences, facilitated brainstorming and collective decision making, the membership at SCRID (or workshop participants) will generate our own definition of mentoring. This workshop is designed with curiosity in mind for experienced as well as potential mentors. 

    Educational Objectives:

    Participants will share knowledge on what mentoring has been and could be.   Using everyday terms, we will cover the various skillsets and characteristics that mentors can embody, develop and embrace.  Participants will explore skill-sharing, utilizing the robust strengths within our community and what mentees might want as part of the mentoring journey.  Participants will also generate a shared understanding of the various mentoring relationships that exist in our field and how we can partner with mentees on their journey.  The objectives will dovetail into SCRID’s primary goal of generating a list of people excited about mentoring, with a shared understanding of the culture of mentoring that we want to create in the SoCal area and volunteers interested in the SCRID mentoring pilot.  

    View the event flier here

    SCRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for continuing education activities. This workshop is offered at the little/none instruction level for 0.3 PS  CEUs. 

    Target Audience: Practicing and student interpreters interested in skill development

    Language: This workshop will be conducted in American Sign Language (no voice interpretation will be provided).

    SCRID Cancellation Policy: In the event that SCRID cancels an event, refunds or transfers to future SCRID events are possible. Pre-registrants will be notified immediately upon cancellation.

    Refunds: For individual registration cancellations may be requested if SCRID receives notification of said cancellation 3 days prior to the event. Registrations are non-refundable for late cancellations after this date without verification of serious circumstances to be determined by the SCRID board on a case-by-case basis.  Email to request refunds stating the event name, event date and justification for late cancellation. All requests for refunds for late cancellations must be approved by the SCRID board.

    Non-Discrimination: Presenter and participants agree to foster an environment of mutual respect free from bias of any kind.

    Reasonable Accommodations:  Requests for reasonable accommodations must be received two weeks in advance of this event by contacting the email below.

    For any questions, please feel free to email

    • 05/18/2023
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Zoom

    Join us for SCRID's Annual Membership Meeting!

    We hope you take the opportunity to make contact with SCRID leadership and weigh in on issues that affect your and our communities!

    If you would like to submit a motion for discussion and vote during the annual meeting, please submit to no later than 21 days in advance of this meeting. For instructions in creating your motion, go to Policies & Procedures and select Annual General Membership Meeting Standing Rules.

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 827 5256 3168

    Access Meeting Documents Here

    • 06/09/2023
    • 06/11/2023

    This weekend is a preparatory one for SCRID leadership as we gather to review the state of our chapter and plan for the coming year. Newly elected officers are requested to attend to get started with onboarding.

    An open board meeting will be held during this time via Zoom. Details to come.

Past events

11/07/2022 SCRID Board Meeting - November 2022
10/22/2022 Put your hand in it! A recipe for relevant progress in our profession
09/24/2022 What to do After Graduation
08/25/2022 SCRID Board Meeting - August 2022
06/10/2022 Annual Board Meeting & "Retreat" - June 2022
05/21/2022 SCRID Annual Membership Meeting - May 2022
04/09/2022 Strategies for Consumer Assessment: Latine/Latinx Deaf People
04/08/2022 SCRID Board Meeting - April 2022
03/18/2022 SCRID Board Meeting - March 2022
02/18/2022 SCRID Board Meeting - February 2022
01/21/2022 SCRID Board Meeting - January 2022
01/11/2022 Talking Circle/Open Forum 2022
12/04/2021 BASL, WHAT THAT?
11/19/2021 SCRID Board Meeting
11/19/2021 Professional Interpreters Q&A Panel #2
10/15/2021 Board Meeting
09/17/2021 Board Meeting
08/20/2021 Board Meeting
07/22/2021 Talking Circle/Open Forum
06/11/2021 Board Meeting
06/11/2021 Annual Board Meeting & Retreat
05/08/2021 To Go...Or Not to Go...Interpreters: Essential and Vulnerable
05/08/2021 Annual Membership Meeting
04/10/2021 Board Meeting
03/13/2021 Board Meeting
02/27/2021 SCRID Online Social Event
02/20/2021 Bringing Home the Narrative: Does that really happen HERE?!
02/13/2021 Board Meeting
01/30/2021 Anti-Racist Discussion Group
01/09/2021 Board Meeting
10/17/2020 Building a Culture of Diversity Appreciation: Beyond Minoritized
10/10/2020 Bylaws Revision Town Hall
08/15/2020 TownHall Discussion on the Structure of RID, part 2
07/23/2020 CAD AB5 Panel Discussion and Q&A
07/14/2020 TownHall Discussion on the Structure of RID, part 1
06/05/2020 2020 SCRID Annual Board of Directors Meeting & Retreat
05/09/2020 Zoom Social Event
05/02/2020 2019-2020 SCRID Annual Membership Meeting & Identity Dive
04/17/2020 SCRID Online Board of Directors Meeting
03/20/2020 SCRID Online Board of Directors Meeting
02/22/2020 From the Parts to the Whole: Applying ASL Principles into Interpreting; Plus Board Meeting and Social!
01/24/2020 SCRID Online Board of Directors Meeting
01/10/2020 IOC Workshop at GLAD
11/16/2019 Deaf Refugees: Human Rights, Health, and Experiences
11/16/2019 F2F Board Meeting and Social Event
11/09/2019 AB5 Town Hall Meeting
11/02/2019 AB5 Town Hall Meeting
10/26/2019 AB5 Town Hall Meeting
10/18/2019 SCRID Online Board of Directors Meeting
09/21/2019 F2F Board Meeting, DeafNation Expo, and SOCIAL!
08/16/2019 Leadership Retreat & F2F Board Meeting
06/22/2019 2019 SCRID Annual Board of Director's Meeting
05/25/2019 Interpreting in Perinatal Settings
05/25/2019 2018-2019 SCRID Annual Membership Meeting
04/26/2019 SCRID Online Board of Directors Meeting
03/09/2019 The DeafBlind Way for Dummies
03/08/2019 SCRID Online Board of Directors Meeting
02/23/2019 The DeafBlind Way for Dummies
02/08/2019 SCRID Online Board of Directors Meeting
02/02/2019 Applying ProTactile to Practice
01/19/2019 Analyzing Real Life Decisions Workshop
01/19/2019 SCRID Face-to-Face Board of Directors Meeting & Workshop
01/08/2019 SCRID Leadership Orientation: PPM III
12/18/2018 SCRID Leadership Orientation: PPM II
12/04/2018 SCRID Leadership Orientation: PPM I
12/01/2018 The DeafBlind Way for Dummies
11/30/2018 SCRID Online Board of Directors Meeting
11/27/2018 SCRID Leadership Orientation: A Review of SCRID Bylaws
11/13/2018 SCRID Leadership Orientation: An Introduction to SCRID
10/26/2018 SCRID Online Board of Directors Meeting
10/13/2018 The Complete Package: It’s Not Just About Language
09/14/2018 SCRID Online Board of Directors Meeting
08/25/2018 Interpreting in Post-Secondary English Classes Workshop
06/23/2018 SCRID Annual Board of Director's Meeting
05/11/2018 SCRID Online Board Meeting
04/28/2018 Members Leading Leaders: The Best of the 2017 LEAD Together Conference
04/28/2018 2017-2018 SCRID Annual Membership Meeting
03/09/2018 SCRID Online Board Meeting
02/09/2018 SCRID Online meeting
01/27/2018 Foundations of ProTactile Training
11/18/2017 F2F Meeting and Twin Terrors: Fingerspelling & Classifiers
10/21/2017 SCRID 50th Anniversary Jubilee
10/13/2017 SCRID Online Board Meeting
09/23/2017 Telling the Story: Interpreting for Theatre
05/13/2017 Theatrical Interpreting Workshop (following Annual Meeting)
03/18/2017 Prehab...Don't Rehab!
02/18/2017 Interpreting in K-12 Settings Series: Physical Science Concepts
01/21/2017 Power & Privilege: A Personal "Pressing" Issue Workshop
12/03/2016 I KNOW...It's all TAXing
10/29/2016 Interpreting in K-12 Settings Series: Advanced Math Concepts
09/10/2016 Falling Into the DeafBlind World
05/14/2016 Light It, Drink It, Take It: Alcohol & Other Drug Signs workshop
03/12/2016 Interpreting in K-12 Settings Series: Biology Concepts
02/27/2016 Follow the Yellow Brick Toad: Forensic Listening
12/05/2015 "You have the right to..."
10/17/2015 Ethical Decision Making for ASL Interpreters
10/10/2015 Interpreting in K-12 Settings Series: Math Concepts
05/16/2015 Interpreting in K-12 Educational Settings: Not “Old School”



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