Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

SCRID is an affiliate chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). It is the mission of Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf to provide local forums and an organizational structure for the continued growth and development of the professions of interpretation and transliteration of American Sign Language and English.

We are excited to celebrate with interpreters and Deaf people across the country the recent commitment from the White House to include American Sign Language interpreters at all White House press briefings!

SCRID's Position Statement on Interpreter Coverage

at Public News and Health Briefings

Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (SCRID) is committed to promoting communication accessibility for Deaf community members during the coronavirus pandemic. Noting the varied linguistic needs of deaf individuals, we recognize the unique and native skills afforded by qualified Deaf interpreters which allow greater informational access to the Deaf communities at large. As such, SCRID encourages the use and uninterrupted visibility of qualified Deaf interpreters at any and all venues announcing vital health and/or emergency information to the public.

The following are letters we have developed to address our position statement above.

If you would like us to reach out to a specific media entity or agency, please contact your SCRID Members-at-Large.

If you are looking for resources to support the use of qualified Deaf Interpreters for broadcasts, or support in how to incorporate them into your service, please see SCRID's Coronavirus Additional Resources page.



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