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November 15, 2014

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News from RID
The NAD, RID, and HEARD have developed a press release and letter to the Oregon Department of Corrections demanding that it suspend their program to train inmates to become sign language interpreters to interpret for Deaf inmates. For a full version of the letter published today, please use the following link:


VRS Reform Summary


Video by Shane Feldman, RID Executive Director>>

VRS reform is here and will impact the day-to-day work of video interpreters across the country. Executive Director Shane Feldman explains the changes that are happening and shares RID’s position on important issues. Join the conversation and send a message to govtaffairs@rid.org  NAD-RID NIC Validity, Reliability, 

Candidate Performance Report


RID in conjunction with the NAD released the NAD-RID National Interpreter Certification (NIC) Credential Validity, Reliability, and Candidate Performance Report.  This document provides an in-depth analysis of both the NIC Knowledge and Interview and Performance examinations and demonstrates that they are valid and reliable measurement instruments in meeting the identified needs of consumers of interpreting services.

Available for public consumption:

Introduction Video

NIC Credential Validity, Reliability & Candidate Performance Report (Summary)

NIC Credential Validity, Reliability & Candidate Performance Report (Technical)

2002 Role Delineation Study

2011 Pre-JTA Survey Results