Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

SCRID is an affiliate chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). It is the mission of Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf to provide local forums and an organizational structure for the continued growth and development of the professions of interpretation and transliteration of American Sign Language and English.

Town Hall Discussion, part 2

When: 08/15/2020 


Goal: Discuss the structure of RID.

Location: Zoom


Online Board Meetings

When: 09/12/2020 & 10/10/2020


Goal: Encourage community engagement.

Location: Zoom


PDC Workshop

When: 10/17/2020

Time: TBD

Goal: TBD

Location: Zoom

*More info to come!*


*Use this hashtag to discuss RID as a Professional and/or Member-Driven organization at SCRID’s FaceBook page and elsewhere. Then join us August 15th for a second town hall to finalize our thoughts for the national Board.*

See the first town hall here.

How May CA AB5 Impact You as a Deaf Person,

Interpreter, or Agency?

Click for AB5 Information     also see


Position on Information Access

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Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (SCRID) is committed to promoting communication accessibility for Deaf community members during the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the varied linguistic needs of deaf individuals, we recognize that the unique and native skills afforded by qualified Deaf interpreters allow greater informational access to the Deaf communities at large. As such, SCRID encourages the use and uninterrupted visibility of qualified Deaf interpreters at any and all venues announcing vital health and/or emergency information to the public.

Current Board of Directors

President:  Stephanie Webb

Vice President: Kathy Goodson

Treasurer:  Vacant

Secretary:  Vacant

Deaf Member-at-Large: Jerrin George

Diversity Member-at-Large: Anthony Diaz

Interpreter of Deaf Parents Member-at-Large: Paola Morales

Ex-Officio Past President:  Peggy Huber



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See our About Us page for information regarding new and existing committees to see how you can get involved!




*Note, SCRID does not endorse, support, promote, or filter organizational members.*



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