Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

SCRID is an affiliate chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). It is the mission of the Southern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf to promote best practices, equity, and representation within the profession of Sign Language Interpreting; provide professional development and education for current and future practitioners; serve as a forum for ongoing assessment of and response to community needs; and, advocate to the public for the highest standards in the provision of interpreting services for users of both sign languages and spoken languages.

A collection of resources for the Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and DeafBlind communities, and those that live,

work, and ally with them, including interpreters, Support Service Providers, educators, parents,

and relatives. - RID, 2020


Talking Circle/Open Forum

When: 2nd Tuesday, Monthly

 01/11/22     02/08/22     03/08/22  
04/12/22 05/10/22 06/14/22
07/12/22 08/09/22 09/13/22
10/11/22 11/08/22 12/13/22

Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm PT

Location:  Zoom Mtg.

Details: Continue our discussion, reflection, and unpacking of "-isms" within RID, SCRID, our profession, and ourselves.  All SCRID Members (and interested interpreters) are invited to join, meet and greet, and network with each other as well!  (Click on link above to register for this month's Meeting)

SCRID Board Meeting

When: Thursday 02/09/2023

Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Location:  Online, Zoom Mtg.

Details: Discuss the Business of SCRID, Observe reports and updates from Committees, Officers, and other members.

Save the Date! Professional Development Workshop

When: Saturday 02/11/2023

Time: TBA

Location:  Online, Zoom Mtg.

Details: This workshop is still being developed but will focus on self-assessment skills in interpretation. Keep an eye out and join us!

Board Meetings Open to All

SCRID holds regular open board meetings and we want to hear from you! During board meetings we set aside time that gives members the opportunity to raise discussion points on anything relevant to SCRID and our interpreting profession.

  • What questions do you have related to interpreting that would be beneficial to discuss as a community?
  • What would you like to see from SCRID that would raise its relevance to you and our local profession?

This is opportunity for members to get involved and create the relevant organization we all desire!

*** SCRID Board Meetings will switch to Quarterly Meetings (Aug ‘22, Nov ‘22; Feb ‘23, May ‘23) ***

[Watch for Times and Zoom Links above]

Catastrophic Need Fund

This fund was established under SCRID with the goal of supporting interpreters during difficult times.

Over the years, SCRID has seen several of our own interpreters come upon hard times. Some from accidents, some from illness, but all “catastrophic” financially. It is especially difficult for freelance interpreters, whether part-time or full-time, who typically do not receive sick pay or worker’s compensation benefits.

In order to address these unfortunate and unforeseeable situations and to be able to assist SCRID members in need in some small measure, SCRID has established a fund whereby interpreters in serious need may request and receive, as available, financial assistance.

Click here for more information about the Catastrophic Need Fund.

It is currently open for donation and application.

Current Board of Directors

President:  Stephanie Webb

Vice President: Kathy Goodson

Treasurer:  Marjorie Foster

Secretary:  AndrĂ©a Lust

Deaf Member-at-Large: Keith Gamache, Jr.

Diversity Member-at-Large: Vacant

Interpreter Deaf-Parented Member-at-Large: Paola Morales

SCRID is always in need of volunteers to serve on various committees for a few hours a month.

If you're interested, email


There are many benefits for SCRID members. To find more, and begin the membership application, click your Membership Level below:

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See our About Us page for information regarding new and existing committees to see how you can get involved!




*Note, SCRID does not endorse, support, promote, or filter organizational members.*



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